Getting Too Big

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So I have been out of town in Cincinnati, OH for a few days.   Each day I have been calling home and Tucker has loved talking to me.  He actually will have a phone conversation with me for over five minutes.

On one of the first days he asked if Mr. Charles was in the room with me.  I told him no that Mr. Brandon had come with me this time.  He wanted to know if he was in the room then and I said “yes, would you like to talk to him?”  He responded yes and so I put him on and he had a good minute or two conversation with him.

Yesterday I was talking to him and we were talking about Baby Hailey and I told him that she is still a baby but she has a baby brother now.  He said that she had a baby sister (he was getting it confused with the new news that Louise and Dirt are having a girl).  He had to confirm with Momma.  Then he told me I was right.  Then he asked, “How did you know Daddy?”.  I told him I just did, then he asked “Did you read it on Facebook?”.  I just laughed and laughed.  I then told him he was getting too big and he said, “No I’m not, I just talk that way”.

He just cracks me up some times (of most of the time).

Figuring things Out

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Tucker and I have had several “interesting” conversations this week.

Wednesday night we were on our way to 5 Guys to meet our life group for dinner before church. We were talking about where we were eating and how he would eat a hot dog and Tucker said “Mama you will eat lettuce, right?” I said no probably not at 5 Guys (nothing that healthy at 5 Guys), he said “but Mama you always eat lettuce.” Guess he thinks I eat healthier than I really do, especially lately.

This morning Tucker was drinking out of a big glass with a cool straw he was given at school and I told hm to please be careful because my computer was near his glass.  He said “ok, Mama God does not want to have to fix your computer, right?”  Glad to know he thinks God can fix things, however I am not sure my computer would be on God’s Things to Do List.

Little minds, the things Tucker comes up with keep things interesting and entertaining.

Finally Writting Again!

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I know it has been a long, long, long time since I have written anything. It is certainly not because Tucker has not said plenty of “cute” things. He is getting so big, learning so much and very happy kid.

Tucker told Ms. Donna (his preschool teacher) “Look I have new shoes Ms. Donna. Mama bought me another pair that I cannot wear until my feet get fat.”  Guess grow and fat mean the same thing to Tucker, because what he was really told was “Tucker you will have to wait until your feet grow to wear the other pair.”

Also Tucker and Greg went to Hardees one morning this week and Greg was telling Tucker that they would share a biscuit and Tucker said “no, I am really hungry daddy, I want whole one.”  Greg tried again one more time and Tucker’s response was “Daddy how about this, you can cut your biscuit in half and share with yourself. You can have one half now and one half later for dessert.”

Tucker’s vocabulary is improving so very much. Today he asked Greg ” Why are you looking at me strangely?”  He told me Friday on the way home from school “Mama I noticed that there is a dog house in that yard but no dog.”

The Black family has a lot of things to write about and we will try to do much better keeping up with the blog in the future.

“Two Naa Naas”

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Monday Tucker and I were in the car and we were talking about the next day. I told him that Ms. Robin was bring Nathan (AKA Naa Naa) to stay with us on Tuesday morning. He wanted to know why? (the frequent first statement from Tucker these days) I told him Ms. Robin had to go to the doctor…again Why? from Tucker. I said Ms. Robin is having a baby and she has to go to the doctor. Tucker said, “Where is the baby?” I said in Ms. Robin’s belly. Tucker said “Where!!??” As I was trying to think of something else to say Tucker said, “There will be Two Naa Naa’s!!??”

Tucker and Nathan spent a lot of time with Nathan when he was a baby when Louise was keeping them at our house. In Tucker’s mind Nathan is a baby and he is a big boy so, Tucker thought another baby meant Ms. Robin would have two Nathans. I tried to explain to Tucker that no, there would not be two Nanthans but a new little baby brother or sister (turns out it will be a little sister) for Nathan to love. I am not sure he understood that but babies are hard to explain to little ones.

Beach Trip Number 2

21 Jul 2008 In: Fun, Granny and Bop

We spent last week at Destin with Granny, Bop, Uncle Charles, Aunt Laurie, Alex and Lucas. Tucker had a great time at the beach. He played in the sand every day and had fun with Alex and Lucas when they were not fussing with each other over toys. Sharing for Tucker and Lucas was very challenging to say the least.

Tucker woke up early so in turn Alex and Lucas also woke up early. The beach house room they slept in had several windows that we could not cover and had not shades…so all the little ones were up early. Tucker is so very happy in the morning, he says most mornings…”It is a Sunny Day , Mama!” :) It is hard for me to be aggravated about that even if it is at 5:15am.

We enjoyed one evening with our friends the Osbornes. They were spending the week with Tara’s family at the beach too so we went to Joe’s Crab Shack and to Shakes with them. I think we would all highly recommend both eateries.

Tucker is doing well in the pool. He has a Nemo wet suit with flotation devices sewn into it and he moves around the pool with ease in it. Alex and Lucas enjoyed the pool too.

Tucker saw Maize the Lazy bird, from the Horton Hatches the Egg Dr. Seuss book, at the beach. Every time he saw a seagull he said “It’s Maize, Mama, It’s Maize!” For those of you who do not know the story you are missing out.

Tucker wanted to return to the beach with Aunt Sharon this week when he found out she was at “his beach.” I was trying to explain that he could not go with Aunt Sharon and he really was not understanding why, so I said Tucker you went to the beach last week and now Aunt Sharon gets to go…Tucker’s reply after absorbing that was “It’s Aunt Sharon’s turn to go to the beach?!” I said yes it is her turn.  :) So when Tucker got to school and his teachers were asking about where he was last week and he said the beach, the teacher said “Oh, Tucker I want to go tot the beach,” Tucker’s response was “No, It is Aunt Sharon’s turn!” Little minds how the work.  :)

we will add pictures from the beach soon.

Tucker spent the week of the 4th of July with Nana and Papa and all the Aunts and Uncles and cousins in Valdosta. He had a great time.

He went to see Wall-e and really enjoyed the popcorn more than the movie. Nana and NeeNee took everyone to Wild Adventures and if you have read the blog before now you know how much Tucker loves riding the rides especially the hopping frog ride at Wild Adventures.

Tucker spent the night with Braylon one night and he wanted to know where Braylon was the next night. He spent the night with NeeNee in Taylor’s bed, which he thought was very cool. He played in the pool at Pam Pam’s. Tucker even went down the slide into the pool a few times until he went too far under water and that ended the fun water slide.

Tucker rode the golf cart around the neighborhood with NeeNee and rode the gator with Papa and Nana. All in all he loved the fact he could walk out the door and go to Braylon’s house or to NeeNee’s house.

The 4th was spent at the pool and at Pam Pam and G-Daddy’s lake house. Tucker played a long time in the lake with Braylon and Taylor. NeeNee brought her fabulous bubble machine and all the children chased bubbles waiting on the firework show. Tucker enjoyed the fireworks for a little while but soon was asking for bear, bunny and passy and his bedtime stories.

On Thursday Nana was gathering all of Tucker’s dirty clothes to wash them and he saw her and wanted to know what she was doing. She said I am washing your clothes so your Mama and Daddy can take them home with you clean when the come back. Tucker thought about that a minute and then pointed at our family picture and said, “I do not want to go home with those people!” You would have thought Nana was sending him home with strangers instead of his parents.  :) I think that statement made it obvious that Tucker had a wonderful time in GA with all of Greg’s family. He played hard everyday. He really enjoyed playing with his cousin Braylon and Braylon was sad when Tucker left on Saturday.


Montgomery Zoo

22 Jun 2008 In: Fun, Has a photo

Tucker and I went to the zoo on Wednesday. We had a good time. Lots of the animals have babies at the zoo and we have been watching them all grow since the spring. Rocky the baby rhino is one of Tucker’s favorites. The monkeys are also one of our favorites spots. We were watching the baby spider monkey play, he was swinging on the fence and rolling on the ground. Tucker and I were talking about how the baby monkey was getting big and he said…” The baby monkey is getting big like baby Aiden. Baby Aiden is getting big so he can play with me.” Baby Aiden for all of you who do not know is my cousin Walker Castello’s precious baby boy who was born in January. Lora’s (AKA Lolo) grand baby I might add. :) Anyway I thought that was pretty cute, not that Aiden is a monkey by any means…but that Tucker wants him to get bigger to play with him. :) Tucker rode the train at the zoo too and enjoyed every moment.


Fun at the Beach

13 May 2008 In: Fun, Granny and Bop, Has a photo

We are spending the week at the beach in Destin, FL. Granny and Bop are with us and Renee and Reuben came for 2 days as well. We are having a wonderful time, so far the weather has been great.

Tucker loves the beach. He wakes up even earlier at the beach than the normal 6:30, 5:30 or 6:00 has been the latest he has slept in. He is always so very happy even at 5:30 it is hard to be too aggravated that he is up so very early. The quicker we can get to the beach the better for Tucker. I spend the entire time I am getting ready each morning saying, “Tucker we will go in a few minutes.”

At first Tucker was a little uneasy about the waves but that seemed to go away quickly after he and Daddy played a little. Tucker enjoys the sand and every aspect of the beach.

family at the beach


“Mama I spilled…”

13 May 2008 In: Aunt Sharon, Fun

Life with a chld is always adventurous but, who knew car sickness could become comical. Tucker, Aunt Sharon and I were on our way to Tuscaloosa to see the children’s musical Suessical. The road to Tuscaloosa is a crooked, hilly road which evidently did not set too well with Tucker. All of a sudden he was very car sick all over himself and thankfully not all over Aunt Sharon’s new car. Tucker cried because getting sick still scares him. Once Tucker calmed down and we were cleaning him up he looked at me and said “Mama, I spilled.” Our comment back was boy did you ever. :)

Tucker loved the play Suessical and Crystal did a great job as a Whooville resident. Tucker was able to get his picture made with Horton after the play. The play wonderfully performed.

Ashley has a puppy that Tucker absolutely loved. Tucker chased the puppy as much as the puppy chased him.

Aunt Sharon took us to a University of AL softball game and for the record I did cheer for the Crimson Tide. :)

Tucker thinks the Big AL is Horton the elephant from the books and as a TN fan I think that is a little bit funny, the mighty elephant has been reduced to the fun loving Horton in the eyes of Tucker.

Our visit to Tuscaloosa was a lot of fun and we are very thankful for the way our friends the Paulks bless our lives and especially for all the love Aunt Sharon shows us and particularly Tucker.

Weekend in Fort Deposit

13 May 2008 In: Aunt Sharon, Fun

Tucker spent April 8th through the 12th with Aunt Sharon. Daddy was in Louisville KY and Mama was in Tn because my dear Aunt Peg passed away. Aunt Sharon was planning on keeping Tucker while Mama and Daddy were in KY but when plans changed Aunt Sharon kept Tucker for Mama and Daddy to go in different directions.

Tucker loved every minute in Fort Deposit. As he rode to Ft. Deposit he saw many ponds go by and he said they were all his ponds…Tucker loved the wide open spaces at Aunt Sharon’s house. In the country you have several things to see that little boys love, cows, ponds, and birds that like to fly into the windows. Tucker was asleep and a bird kept flying into the window and scared him a lot. It became funny after he figured out what was going on. If you ask him now about the birds at Aunt Sharon he says “that the bird hurt its nose and woke me up!”

It was Calico Fort weekend in the fort so Aunt Sharon took Tucker to enjoy the kids section. Mama and Daddy did not know that would involve a kids Bunggey Jump. As you can see from the pictures Tucker loved it, the higher the better, he loves to jump anyway and when you are so high up you can see everything. The pony rides were fun too, maybe Aunt Sharon or Bop will buy Tucker a pony. :)

Pictures of the weekend will follow when we get them from Aunt Sharon.

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