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Beach Trip Number 2

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We spent last week at Destin with Granny, Bop, Uncle Charles, Aunt Laurie, Alex and Lucas. Tucker had a great time at the beach. He played in the sand every day and had fun with Alex and Lucas when they were not fussing with each other over toys. Sharing for Tucker and Lucas was very [...]

Fun at the Beach

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We are spending the week at the beach in Destin, FL. Granny and Bop are with us and Renee and Reuben came for 2 days as well. We are having a wonderful time, so far the weather has been great.
Tucker loves the beach. He wakes up even earlier at the beach than the normal 6:30, [...]

Tucker Returns from TN

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Tucker spent the last week with Granny and Bop in TN. It seemed like longer than a week to momma and Daddy. He had a blast, he played at “Bop’s park”, the playground Bop built for the boys. He spent time playing with Alex and Lucas and had fun at Lucas’ birthday party.
Most importantly to [...]

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We have been wanting to do this for a long time but just never sat down and did it. So after two and a half years here it is, a blog site about Tucker.

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