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“Two Naa Naas”

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Monday Tucker and I were in the car and we were talking about the next day. I told him that Ms. Robin was bring Nathan (AKA Naa Naa) to stay with us on Tuesday morning. He wanted to know why? (the frequent first statement from Tucker these days) I told him Ms. Robin had to [...]

So many things to catch up on…

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Tucker has had a busy couple of weeks we have several things to write about. A lot has happened since Easter.
Tucker experienced the movie theater “Horton, Hear’s a Who” Tucker loved it and the popcorn too. He was spell bound the entire movie. Tucker would laugh every time Daddy did.
So we have read [...]

Tucker Laughing in the Car

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Tucker and I were in the car waiting for Momma to pick up a few things at Winn-Dixie Sunday after church. We were playing with my new phone and our new text message service. Were were sending photos of Tucker to Momma while she was shopping. So I decided to try out [...]

About this blog

We have been wanting to do this for a long time but just never sat down and did it. So after two and a half years here it is, a blog site about Tucker.

If you see it not updated for a while please shoot us an email and we will get back on it. We sometimes need a kick in the rear to get us going.

We will also put some things about us (Momma and Daddy) up on the site but mostly Tucker.

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