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Beach Trip Number 2

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We spent last week at Destin with Granny, Bop, Uncle Charles, Aunt Laurie, Alex and Lucas. Tucker had a great time at the beach. He played in the sand every day and had fun with Alex and Lucas when they were not fussing with each other over toys. Sharing for Tucker and Lucas was very [...]

Tucker spent the week of the 4th of July with Nana and Papa and all the Aunts and Uncles and cousins in Valdosta. He had a great time.
He went to see Wall-e and really enjoyed the popcorn more than the movie. Nana and NeeNee took everyone to Wild Adventures and if you have read the [...]

Montgomery Zoo

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Tucker and I went to the zoo on Wednesday. We had a good time. Lots of the animals have babies at the zoo and we have been watching them all grow since the spring. Rocky the baby rhino is one of Tucker’s favorites. The monkeys are also one of our favorites spots. We were watching [...]

Fun at the Beach

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We are spending the week at the beach in Destin, FL. Granny and Bop are with us and Renee and Reuben came for 2 days as well. We are having a wonderful time, so far the weather has been great.
Tucker loves the beach. He wakes up even earlier at the beach than the normal 6:30, [...]

“Mama I spilled…”

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Life with a chld is always adventurous but, who knew car sickness could become comical. Tucker, Aunt Sharon and I were on our way to Tuscaloosa to see the children’s musical Suessical. The road to Tuscaloosa is a crooked, hilly road which evidently did not set too well with Tucker. All of a sudden he [...]

Weekend in Fort Deposit

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Tucker spent April 8th through the 12th with Aunt Sharon. Daddy was in Louisville KY and Mama was in Tn because my dear Aunt Peg passed away. Aunt Sharon was planning on keeping Tucker while Mama and Daddy were in KY but when plans changed Aunt Sharon kept Tucker for Mama and Daddy to go [...]

So many things to catch up on…

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Tucker has had a busy couple of weeks we have several things to write about. A lot has happened since Easter.
Tucker experienced the movie theater “Horton, Hear’s a Who” Tucker loved it and the popcorn too. He was spell bound the entire movie. Tucker would laugh every time Daddy did.
So we have read [...]

The Easter Bunny found Tucker in GA and brought candy, a Cookie Monster Letter dvd and his favorite a small truck with a cow and trailer. Tucker was very excited about his Easter outfit with “bunnies on it.” Pictures of Tucker in front of the beautiful azaleas of south GA are below.
Tucker found 21 [...]

Dying Easter Eggs

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Today Tucker experienced his first real Easter tradition of dying Easter eggs. He was excited and ejoyed it for 3 eggs. You know the attention span of a 2 year old is very short. He did come back to put Elmo stickers on one egg. Tucker is much more interested in hunting eggs than dying [...]

This weekend we are all in Valdosta, GA with Greg’s family. Tucker is having a wonderful time playing with the cousins. Friday we went to Wild Adventures theme park in Valdosta for the afternoon. One of Tucker’s favorite attractions is the 3 story, 3 man slide. You climb up many stairs and finally reach the [...]

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