Tucker spent the last week with Granny and Bop in TN. It seemed like longer than a week to momma and Daddy. He had a blast, he played at “Bop’s park”, the playground Bop built for the boys. He spent time playing with Alex and Lucas and had fun at Lucas’ birthday party.

Most importantly to Tucker was riding the tractor to check on the cows with Bop. He told me he saw a big hawk in the woods and even some deer while riding along with Bop. Tucker says he is Granny’s baby and Bop’s big boy. :) Tucker sat even sat still at Sunday night church for Granny, a minor miracle one could say. JJ came home to Jacks Creek to see everyone while Tucker was there and he had a big time playing with JJ too.

It even snowed while Tucker was in TN. Tucker noticed the snow before Granny did and came and found her saying “Granny snow! Granny snow!” It snowed just enough to go out and play a little but not enough for it to stay around any time at all. No snowmen or snow angels this time.

We will add pictures of his adventures soon. (Granny forgot to bring the camera with her.)

I think he missed us a little bit because he told Granny “I need to see Momma.” He came running up just a laughing when I arrived home today. He sat in my lap some this afternoon and just hugged me. He never cried for us while he was in TN but he did ask about seeing us a lot. Daddy may have missed Tucker more than Tucker missed Momma and Daddy. This afternoon every time I huged him Tucker said “Momma not go bye bye.” We are very glad to have the sweet baby home, even though we did go to two movies while he was gone. :) Remember those things we used to do pre-Tucker.