Tucker received a big surprise from Momma and Daddy today. The Play Outside company came to the house today and built a fantastic play set for Tucker. It has a glider swing which Tucker loves, 2 regular swings, a rock wall, a trapeze bar, a rope ladder, a wave slide and a super slide. Once you climb up the rock wall there is a play house section with a periscope, a telescope and a wheel to pretend to drive. Under the play house is a picnic table that can convert to a deck floor. Tucker loved it all. We ate hot dogs at the picnic table tonight for dinner.

When Daddy brought Tucker home from preschool he came running out to the backyard with a huge grin on his face, saying “where is my surprise?” I think he was expecting a wrapped present, but seemed thrilled once he figured out the play set was his “big present.”

Aunt Sharon was there too, so she snapped several pictures you can see from the link at the end of the post. Tucker immediately went to the glider and climbed on and then discovered the rock wall and climbed up and before we knew it he was sliding down. The height did not bother him at all. Aunt Sharon loved the swings too as you will see in the photos.

He said he wanted to call Cooper and ask him to come play. Carson and Tucker had me push them on the glider swing for at least 30 minutes tonight, at the moment that may be Tucker’s favorite part. Cooper and Carson played with Tucker until well past dark. It is a good thing we have flood lights on the corner of the house. Once we finally came inside Tucker was very tired. He had so much fun, we hope he has many more fun play days in the back yard.