Tucker spent April 8th through the 12th with Aunt Sharon. Daddy was in Louisville KY and Mama was in Tn because my dear Aunt Peg passed away. Aunt Sharon was planning on keeping Tucker while Mama and Daddy were in KY but when plans changed Aunt Sharon kept Tucker for Mama and Daddy to go in different directions.

Tucker loved every minute in Fort Deposit. As he rode to Ft. Deposit he saw many ponds go by and he said they were all his ponds…Tucker loved the wide open spaces at Aunt Sharon’s house. In the country you have several things to see that little boys love, cows, ponds, and birds that like to fly into the windows. Tucker was asleep and a bird kept flying into the window and scared him a lot. It became funny after he figured out what was going on. If you ask him now about the birds at Aunt Sharon he says “that the bird hurt its nose and woke me up!”

It was Calico Fort weekend in the fort so Aunt Sharon took Tucker to enjoy the kids section. Mama and Daddy did not know that would involve a kids Bunggey Jump. As you can see from the pictures Tucker loved it, the higher the better, he loves to jump anyway and when you are so high up you can see everything. The pony rides were fun too, maybe Aunt Sharon or Bop will buy Tucker a pony. :)

Pictures of the weekend will follow when we get them from Aunt Sharon.