Tucker and I went to the zoo on Wednesday. We had a good time. Lots of the animals have babies at the zoo and we have been watching them all grow since the spring. Rocky the baby rhino is one of Tucker’s favorites. The monkeys are also one of our favorites spots. We were watching the baby spider monkey play, he was swinging on the fence and rolling on the ground. Tucker and I were talking about how the baby monkey was getting big and he said…” The baby monkey is getting big like baby Aiden. Baby Aiden is getting big so he can play with me.” Baby Aiden for all of you who do not know is my cousin Walker Castello’s precious baby boy who was born in January. Lora’s (AKA Lolo) grand baby I might add. :) Anyway I thought that was pretty cute, not that Aiden is a monkey by any means…but that Tucker wants him to get bigger to play with him. :) Tucker rode the train at the zoo too and enjoyed every moment.