Tucker spent the week of the 4th of July with Nana and Papa and all the Aunts and Uncles and cousins in Valdosta. He had a great time.

He went to see Wall-e and really enjoyed the popcorn more than the movie. Nana and NeeNee took everyone to Wild Adventures and if you have read the blog before now you know how much Tucker loves riding the rides especially the hopping frog ride at Wild Adventures.

Tucker spent the night with Braylon one night and he wanted to know where Braylon was the next night. He spent the night with NeeNee in Taylor’s bed, which he thought was very cool. He played in the pool at Pam Pam’s. Tucker even went down the slide into the pool a few times until he went too far under water and that ended the fun water slide.

Tucker rode the golf cart around the neighborhood with NeeNee and rode the gator with Papa and Nana. All in all he loved the fact he could walk out the door and go to Braylon’s house or to NeeNee’s house.

The 4th was spent at the pool and at Pam Pam and G-Daddy’s lake house. Tucker played a long time in the lake with Braylon and Taylor. NeeNee brought her fabulous bubble machine and all the children chased bubbles waiting on the firework show. Tucker enjoyed the fireworks for a little while but soon was asking for bear, bunny and passy and his bedtime stories.

On Thursday Nana was gathering all of Tucker’s dirty clothes to wash them and he saw her and wanted to know what she was doing. She said I am washing your clothes so your Mama and Daddy can take them home with you clean when the come back. Tucker thought about that a minute and then pointed at our family picture and said, “I do not want to go home with those people!” You would have thought Nana was sending him home with strangers instead of his parents.  :) I think that statement made it obvious that Tucker had a wonderful time in GA with all of Greg’s family. He played hard everyday. He really enjoyed playing with his cousin Braylon and Braylon was sad when Tucker left on Saturday.