We spent last week at Destin with Granny, Bop, Uncle Charles, Aunt Laurie, Alex and Lucas. Tucker had a great time at the beach. He played in the sand every day and had fun with Alex and Lucas when they were not fussing with each other over toys. Sharing for Tucker and Lucas was very challenging to say the least.

Tucker woke up early so in turn Alex and Lucas also woke up early. The beach house room they slept in had several windows that we could not cover and had not shades…so all the little ones were up early. Tucker is so very happy in the morning, he says most mornings…”It is a Sunny Day , Mama!” :) It is hard for me to be aggravated about that even if it is at 5:15am.

We enjoyed one evening with our friends the Osbornes. They were spending the week with Tara’s family at the beach too so we went to Joe’s Crab Shack and to Shakes with them. I think we would all highly recommend both eateries.

Tucker is doing well in the pool. He has a Nemo wet suit with flotation devices sewn into it and he moves around the pool with ease in it. Alex and Lucas enjoyed the pool too.

Tucker saw Maize the Lazy bird, from the Horton Hatches the Egg Dr. Seuss book, at the beach. Every time he saw a seagull he said “It’s Maize, Mama, It’s Maize!” For those of you who do not know the story you are missing out.

Tucker wanted to return to the beach with Aunt Sharon this week when he found out she was at “his beach.” I was trying to explain that he could not go with Aunt Sharon and he really was not understanding why, so I said Tucker you went to the beach last week and now Aunt Sharon gets to go…Tucker’s reply after absorbing that was “It’s Aunt Sharon’s turn to go to the beach?!” I said yes it is her turn.  :) So when Tucker got to school and his teachers were asking about where he was last week and he said the beach, the teacher said “Oh, Tucker I want to go tot the beach,” Tucker’s response was “No, It is Aunt Sharon’s turn!” Little minds how the work.  :)

we will add pictures from the beach soon.