Monday Tucker and I were in the car and we were talking about the next day. I told him that Ms. Robin was bring Nathan (AKA Naa Naa) to stay with us on Tuesday morning. He wanted to know why? (the frequent first statement from Tucker these days) I told him Ms. Robin had to go to the doctor…again Why? from Tucker. I said Ms. Robin is having a baby and she has to go to the doctor. Tucker said, “Where is the baby?” I said in Ms. Robin’s belly. Tucker said “Where!!??” As I was trying to think of something else to say Tucker said, “There will be Two Naa Naa’s!!??”

Tucker and Nathan spent a lot of time with Nathan when he was a baby when Louise was keeping them at our house. In Tucker’s mind Nathan is a baby and he is a big boy so, Tucker thought another baby meant Ms. Robin would have two Nathans. I tried to explain to Tucker that no, there would not be two Nanthans but a new little baby brother or sister (turns out it will be a little sister) for Nathan to love. I am not sure he understood that but babies are hard to explain to little ones.