I know it has been a long, long, long time since I have written anything. It is certainly not because Tucker has not said plenty of “cute” things. He is getting so big, learning so much and very happy kid.

Tucker told Ms. Donna (his preschool teacher) “Look I have new shoes Ms. Donna. Mama bought me another pair that I cannot wear until my feet get fat.”  Guess grow and fat mean the same thing to Tucker, because what he was really told was “Tucker you will have to wait until your feet grow to wear the other pair.”

Also Tucker and Greg went to Hardees one morning this week and Greg was telling Tucker that they would share a biscuit and Tucker said “no, I am really hungry daddy, I want whole one.”  Greg tried again one more time and Tucker’s response was “Daddy how about this, you can cut your biscuit in half and share with yourself. You can have one half now and one half later for dessert.”

Tucker’s vocabulary is improving so very much. Today he asked Greg ” Why are you looking at me strangely?”  He told me Friday on the way home from school “Mama I noticed that there is a dog house in that yard but no dog.”

The Black family has a lot of things to write about and we will try to do much better keeping up with the blog in the future.