Tucker and I have had several “interesting” conversations this week.

Wednesday night we were on our way to 5 Guys to meet our life group for dinner before church. We were talking about where we were eating and how he would eat a hot dog and Tucker said “Mama you will eat lettuce, right?” I said no probably not at 5 Guys (nothing that healthy at 5 Guys), he said “but Mama you always eat lettuce.” Guess he thinks I eat healthier than I really do, especially lately.

This morning Tucker was drinking out of a big glass with a cool straw he was given at school and I told hm to please be careful because my computer was near his glass.  He said “ok, Mama God does not want to have to fix your computer, right?”  Glad to know he thinks God can fix things, however I am not sure my computer would be on God’s Things to Do List.

Little minds, the things Tucker comes up with keep things interesting and entertaining.