So I have been out of town in Cincinnati, OH for a few days.   Each day I have been calling home and Tucker has loved talking to me.  He actually will have a phone conversation with me for over five minutes.

On one of the first days he asked if Mr. Charles was in the room with me.  I told him no that Mr. Brandon had come with me this time.  He wanted to know if he was in the room then and I said “yes, would you like to talk to him?”  He responded yes and so I put him on and he had a good minute or two conversation with him.

Yesterday I was talking to him and we were talking about Baby Hailey and I told him that she is still a baby but she has a baby brother now.  He said that she had a baby sister (he was getting it confused with the new news that Louise and Dirt are having a girl).  He had to confirm with Momma.  Then he told me I was right.  Then he asked, “How did you know Daddy?”.  I told him I just did, then he asked “Did you read it on Facebook?”.  I just laughed and laughed.  I then told him he was getting too big and he said, “No I’m not, I just talk that way”.

He just cracks me up some times (of most of the time).