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13 May 2008 In: Fun, In Momma's Car

Tucker has had a busy couple of weeks we have several things to write about. A lot has happened since Easter.

Tucker experienced the movie theater “Horton, Hear’s a Who” Tucker loved it and the popcorn too. He was spell bound the entire movie. Tucker would laugh every time Daddy did.

So we have read “Horton Hatches an Egg” so many times since the movie. Tucker is really loving getting to know Dr. Seuss.

The Easter Bunny found Tucker in GA and brought candy, a Cookie Monster Letter dvd and his favorite a small truck with a cow and trailer. Tucker was very excited about his Easter outfit with “bunnies on it.” Pictures of Tucker in front of the beautiful azaleas of south GA are below.

Tucker found 21 eggs on the egg hunt. He loved the egg hunting process. The cousins were divided into 2 groups small children and older children for “egg control” and the protection of the younger ones. “Look I found one” was repeated over and over with great excitement. Daddy asked Tucker what his favorite part of the trip to Nana and Papa’s was and he quickly said the egg hunting.

Easter was also Brooke’s 18th birthday so we had cake and ice cream after the egg hunt. Tucker had more chocolate and sugar this weekend than he has had in his short little life. Pictures of Brooke with her cake Momma made are below also.


Dying Easter Eggs

22 Mar 2008 In: Fun, Has a photo, Nana and Papa

Today Tucker experienced his first real Easter tradition of dying Easter eggs. He was excited and ejoyed it for 3 eggs. You know the attention span of a 2 year old is very short. He did come back to put Elmo stickers on one egg. Tucker is much more interested in hunting eggs than dying eggs. Kyra, Jaci and Karsyn enjoyed dying the eggs at Nana’s much more. Pictures will be up later.

Tucker thought we should hide and hunt eggs immediately after dying them. Kyra did hide some plastic eggs so Tucker, Braylon , Karsyn and Jaci could practice hunting for eggs. You know practice makes perfect. :)


This weekend we are all in Valdosta, GA with Greg’s family. Tucker is having a wonderful time playing with the cousins. Friday we went to Wild Adventures theme park in Valdosta for the afternoon. One of Tucker’s favorite attractions is the 3 story, 3 man slide. You climb up many stairs and finally reach the top with your mat and spread your mats out and climb on to slide down. Tucker giggles the whole way down.

Tucker rode the carousel, the bumble bee, the train and the super trucks at least 4 times each. It was great fun. Tucker, Braylon and Karsyn discovered the Frog, which is a kid version of the Double Shot and they loved bouncing up high like a frog. Pictures will follow soon.

Momma, Brooke and Taylor rode the new ride “The Rattler”, and it was exciting. Taylor prayed the entire time hoping not to die. It is like riding a huge 3 story swing that almost throws you out at the highest point while spinning slightly, it was a lot of fun if you enjoy a thrill ride. Notice Daddy did not ride it.

Tucker discovered the playground at Wild Adventures and spent about an hour playing there with Karsyn and Braylon. Sliding, climbing and bouncing are Tucker’s new favorite activities.

The day was topped off by a trip to Chick-fil-A and then Braylon’s Spider-man birthday party. Tucker was exhausted and went to sleep while Momma read The Cat in the Hat, which is Tucker’s current favorite book.



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Tucker has been having fun playing on his new play ground. He loves being outside as much as Momma. We ate supper outside 2 times this week. Tucker has assigned us all seats at the picnic table. All of Momma’s spring flowers are blooming and the yard is very pretty with daffodils and pansies. Tucker helped Momma plant the flowers so we have shared them with Ms Christina and Ms. Ann at preschool.
Louise came over and joined Aunt Sharon’s swinging club by touching the highest branch while swinging. Tucker had a lot of fun swinging and sliding with Louise.

Thursday morning Tucker woke up at 6:23 saying : “It is light out side take me to Nana and Papa’s house.” Yes, we were going to Nana and Papa’s that night but not that morning. Thankfully we had a Easter egg hunt at preschool and bunny cookies to take to preschool to distract him from Nana and Papa or it would have been a long morning.

New Play Set for the Backyard

13 Mar 2008 In: Fun, Has a photo

Tucker received a big surprise from Momma and Daddy today. The Play Outside company came to the house today and built a fantastic play set for Tucker. It has a glider swing which Tucker loves, 2 regular swings, a rock wall, a trapeze bar, a rope ladder, a wave slide and a super slide. Once you climb up the rock wall there is a play house section with a periscope, a telescope and a wheel to pretend to drive. Under the play house is a picnic table that can convert to a deck floor. Tucker loved it all. We ate hot dogs at the picnic table tonight for dinner.

When Daddy brought Tucker home from preschool he came running out to the backyard with a huge grin on his face, saying “where is my surprise?” I think he was expecting a wrapped present, but seemed thrilled once he figured out the play set was his “big present.”

Aunt Sharon was there too, so she snapped several pictures you can see from the link at the end of the post. Tucker immediately went to the glider and climbed on and then discovered the rock wall and climbed up and before we knew it he was sliding down. The height did not bother him at all. Aunt Sharon loved the swings too as you will see in the photos.

He said he wanted to call Cooper and ask him to come play. Carson and Tucker had me push them on the glider swing for at least 30 minutes tonight, at the moment that may be Tucker’s favorite part. Cooper and Carson played with Tucker until well past dark. It is a good thing we have flood lights on the corner of the house. Once we finally came inside Tucker was very tired. He had so much fun, we hope he has many more fun play days in the back yard.


Momma Makes Her Theatrical Debut

12 Mar 2008 In: Has a video

Momma got to show off one of her many talents in chapel recently. Check it out

Nooooo, It’s Too Pretty!

12 Mar 2008 In: Fun

Each weekday morning I take Tucker to school (really it is just daycare but he likes to call it school).  Every morning I always go out, put in a load in the truck and open his door.  I then tell him to get in the truck.  With so many distractions outside it is sometimes a challenge to get him to get in the truck.  Well today it was a pretty day and when he went outside a big crow make a loud noise.  He said a common phase of his “I heard that”.  Then he wanted to know what it was.  When then the next thing I know we heard two birds singing.  He told me “I hear the birds singing”.  I told him yes I hear them too.  I then told him to get in the truck it was time to go, he replied   “Noooo, it’s too pretty” in reference to the birds singing.  It was soooo sweet.  Then the next thing you know we heard a train, that he thought was at the end of our block.  I didn’t think I would ever get him in the truck this morning.

Tucker Returns from TN

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Tucker spent the last week with Granny and Bop in TN. It seemed like longer than a week to momma and Daddy. He had a blast, he played at “Bop’s park”, the playground Bop built for the boys. He spent time playing with Alex and Lucas and had fun at Lucas’ birthday party.

Most importantly to Tucker was riding the tractor to check on the cows with Bop. He told me he saw a big hawk in the woods and even some deer while riding along with Bop. Tucker says he is Granny’s baby and Bop’s big boy. :) Tucker sat even sat still at Sunday night church for Granny, a minor miracle one could say. JJ came home to Jacks Creek to see everyone while Tucker was there and he had a big time playing with JJ too.

It even snowed while Tucker was in TN. Tucker noticed the snow before Granny did and came and found her saying “Granny snow! Granny snow!” It snowed just enough to go out and play a little but not enough for it to stay around any time at all. No snowmen or snow angels this time.

We will add pictures of his adventures soon. (Granny forgot to bring the camera with her.)

I think he missed us a little bit because he told Granny “I need to see Momma.” He came running up just a laughing when I arrived home today. He sat in my lap some this afternoon and just hugged me. He never cried for us while he was in TN but he did ask about seeing us a lot. Daddy may have missed Tucker more than Tucker missed Momma and Daddy. This afternoon every time I huged him Tucker said “Momma not go bye bye.” We are very glad to have the sweet baby home, even though we did go to two movies while he was gone. :) Remember those things we used to do pre-Tucker.


Layla Is My Girlfriend

19 Feb 2008 In: At School

Tucker is always talking about a girl in his class at school named Bella. So yesterday when we talking I asked him if Bella was his girlfriend. He said “No, Layla is my girlfriend.”

So when I dropped him off at school his class was in the “Movie Room”. Tucker walked in sat down and was glued to the Wiggles right away. I wanted to know which girl was which so I asked Ms. Ann. She showed me Bella (the smallest girl in the class) and Layla (a cute little black girl). After she showed me who was who I told her what Tucker had said about Layla. We had a good laugh about it. Then the next thing you know Layla gets up from her spot on the floor and goes and sits beside Tucker. Ms. Ann said “Looks like it’s mutual”, and we had the biggest laugh.

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