Feeding the Ducks

19 Feb 2008 In: Fun, Has a photo

Tucker feeding the ducksMonday, President’s day, Tucker, Granny, Bop and I took Tucker to the park to feed the ducks. We had left over bread crusts from a baby shower this weekend to give the ducks. By the time we threw a few crumbs out we were surrounded by the ducks and geese at Shakespeare Park. Tucker was more than a little concerned when the ducks took the bread out of his hands.

After the ducks we went to the playground to play a little before it got dark. When we left we drove by the “cows of Montgomery” on Vaughn Road and Tucker thought they were Bop’s cows.

Today Granny and Bop played with Tucker until they had to leave for TN. This afternoon on the way home Tucker wanted to know if we were gong to Granny and Bop’s house.

Well that is all for now…my first blog post…hope we don’t bore all of you too much with the little Tucker isms. :)

Tucker Laughing in the Car

18 Feb 2008 In: Has a video, In Momma's Car

Tucker and I were in the car waiting for Momma to pick up a few things at Winn-Dixie Sunday after church. We were playing with my new phone and our new text message service. Were were sending photos of Tucker to Momma while she was shopping. So I decided to try out a video and to send to her. The above video is what I recorded. The quality is not the best and you will have to turn up your volume but I’m sure it will leave you smiling.

About this blog

We have been wanting to do this for a long time but just never sat down and did it. So after two and a half years here it is, a blog site about Tucker.

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